4070 Series Horizontal Slider Windows

WinDoor 4070 Series Horizontal Slider Windows

  • XO or OX size: 74″ x 64″ and XOX size: 112″ x 64″
  • Non-impact +/- 90 psf and Impact +90 / -150 psf
  • Water Performance: 13.5 psf

Product Spec Sheet

Open up your kitchen with a pass-through horizontal rolling window.   Choose between either 1 or 2 sashes within one continuous frame.  With our double window, one sash slides left or right bypassing the other fixed glass.  The triple window operates on the left and right sashes, bypassing the center fixed glass.  Picture a single hung window on its side with rollers and you have yourself a fashionable pass-through to the exterior.  This modern look boasts a high performance rating on high impact and non-impact certifications, as well as Energy Star.