Call (239) 597 2855 and a member of our dedicated team will meet with you on site to discuss your needs and what you would like to achieve.  They will guide you through the process by explaining your options for hurricane glass protection, permitting and engineering.  A quotation will be sent to you.
With over 35 years experience, J&J glass has worked diligently earning a reputation for excellence in the industry.  Consistently achieving the Windoor Platinum accreditation, providing best class products and installation. We have an impressive reference  record and  would encourage you to follow up with these references.
Every home improvement company should carry insurances to cover their business and employees. J&J Glass are Florida state licensed. Our products are all Florida building code-approved for every application
A building permit is required when planning alterations to your home, to authorize the work has been completed in accordance with Florida building code specifications.
County Inspectors are required to ensure the product has been installed in accordance with Florida building code.  There are no additional charges for the inspections as they are included in the permit fees.
Once all the decisions have been made and building permissions sought if needed, a projected date to start installation will be agreed with you.
Before any work is done, our installation team will protect your floors and furniture to prevent any possible damage and to reduce necessary cleanup.  We do recommend you pack away small ornaments to avoid possible breakage.  Our team make every effort to limit debris and always respect your home.  We are able to arrange for a full cleaning service after installation if you choose.
Our products meet with the most stringent testing protocols as defined by Miami Dade County, to provide you with the highest levels of protection from hurricane force winds, flying debris and driving rains.  Other benefits include:

  • Passive protection: no requirement for hurricane shutters and increased safety; low maintenance
  • Silent and easy to open doors and windows
  • Built -in UV protection eliminating fading of upholstery and fabrics
  • Significant reduction in noise transmission
  • Low air infiltration rates, resulting in much less dust and dirt entering your unit AND reduced air conditioning costs
  • 2-tone finish options and Energy glass packages
  • Enhanced beauty and an increase in property value
  • Possible insurance cost reduction
The simple answer is no but there is more to this question than meets the eye. While hurricane shutters are designed to withstand flying debris, an old system is not to current code and could fail. Now appreciate that the time it takes to install a window or door is the same, whether you purchase (non-impact) tempered glass or impact-resistant glass. So the cost difference is a step function of the glass make-up only.
Without the sill track riser water will easily enter into your unit and damage your floors and baseboard, and eventually lead to mold conditions. Yes you have to step over the riser but without it you just made a bad investment decision.
That’s a common question and there are several important factors to remember. New windows and doors should match existing configurations and finish color so the appearance of the building is consistent. You will most likely have to complete Association paperwork and possibly provide a check for potential damage to common areas. Also there is a chance the service elevator is too small to load door panels and large windows. In this case a man-lift, swing stage or crane is required.
Help us to help you by moving your furniture and small items away from the work area, and have your window treatments temporarily removed and stored in safe area.
The service is used to locate post tension cables in the slab and ceiling. These cables are under tension and a direct hit by a drill could be very dangerous.
Our manufacturers can custom paint the interior frames to any color of your choice. This is particularly popular in Condominiums where the original windows and doors are bronze finish. White and Caribbean cream are the most popular interior selections. This application is referred to as 2-tone finish.
This is a marketing tool that is misleading and designed to attract you. There is large missile impact resistant glass and small missile glass. From grade to 30’ you must use large missile. Above 30’ small missile is required.
It is our Company policy that a representative inspects the work to sign-off and allow us to close out the project. A friend, neighbor or building Manager will help.
Hurricane impact resistant doors are much heavier and the weather-stripping is far superior. You must make a positive and complete engagement of the door panel into the jamb before attempting to lock the door. Heaving the door over with too much energy will make the door bounce back off the jamb, and a light movement will not fully engage the door panel into the jamb.
So long as it is in the track and not on your floor you are good to go. Remember when there is a lot of wind and rain in a short period of time, the water cannot exhaust away from the door system. The track is designed to hold water until the storm dissipates.
Wash down exterior faces (glass and frame) with water to remove debris build-up that could scratch your glass. Now add 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water into a bucket, and use a soft car brush to clean surfaces. Work from the top down. Wipe away with a squeegee for a clean, sanitized, and deodorize finish. Dry quickly as this will prevent streaking.